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Welcome to my website.  This site is about Gi Joes.  I decided to make this site because of http://www.yojoe.com.  It is a great site that tells about the latest developments about Gi Joes.  I am just a collector, who loves the figures, comics, cartoons, games, and anything else of Gi Joes.  I own almost the entire collection of Gi Joe comics, have over 450 figures, own every episode of the Gi Joe cartoons, including the lost episodes.  I have just recently purchased the convention special Gi Joe comic made by image.  I feel like I have a pretty good collection, but hope to make it better. 

I Started Collecting the Gi Joe figures and watching the cartoon since I have been in Kindergarten, but stopped collecting in 1994 when Hasbro stopped making the figures.  When I was at the Alaska State Fair, I found some neat looking Gi Joe figures for sale at an antique booth, so i bought them for a dollar, but had no idea what the figures names were.  I looked on yahoo for Gi Joe sites, and came across www.yojoe.com, and they told the name of every figure ever made, and i fell in love with the site, and I check it everyday almost.  I got back into the Gi Joe!

I then went to my local comic book shop and started purchasing the comics, and going onto ebay and buying Gi Joes all the time.  I even traded my stupid Pokemon collection, for about 100 Gi Joe figures from an older man, and he gave me a mail-in Lifeline still in its bag.  From then on, I have been really into Gi Joe, and I have a friend who is also into Gi Joe as much as I am. 

I hope you enjoy my site, because I am going to make it the best I can, and I hope it is informative, and fun to be on.  Check out the figures, customs, cartoons, comics, and pictures pages. 

Jason's Gi Joe Page